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Linus Torvalds wrote:
Modern PCs are horrible. ACPI is a complete design disaster in every way. But we're kind of stuck with it. If any Intel people are listening to this and you had anything to do with ACPI, shoot yourself now, before you reproduce.

I just spent the last 45 minutes struggling, but managing, to read a website in French, and just as I finish...I noticed the button for the English version.
Babu Menos 12 hours ago
That could have been me, for sure.

It's been three days now, and not one community leader from the White Van Man Community has come out and condemned the terrorists acting in their name.

A thread elsewhere "Favourite childhood game".

They're all like "Grand Theft Auto Vice City", and "Warcraft 3".

I'm like "Chuckie Egg", and "Zork"

God, I'm old.

Fabio 20 hours ago
there's a web version.

I have to work, you can't do this..

Carolus Rex 13 hours ago
Mille Bornes card game.

I love this song, and I don't even know what it's about. It seems to fit everything. It's been in my own repertoire since I first heard it, and it's staying there. This is the song that caused Declan Sinnot to say "If you want to know what a song means the writer is the last person you should ask. They never get it right." and I agree.

For the last year or so, it's been a very painful song, but at other times it's been a hopeful song, and optimistic song, and it runs the entire gamut inbetween. It's just...wonderful.

YouTube: Christy Moore - Motherland (Rena)

Christy Moore & Declan Sinnott Live in Carlow, Ireland 20/09/2013 MOTHERLAND by NATALIE MERCHANT Where in hell can you go Far from the things that you know F...

I am craving Battenberg. I am officially a middle aged woman.
Rex Mundi 1 day ago
I almost scared to ask... Battenberg? Are you craving the Viceroy of India?

Thomas Willingham 1 day ago
I did recently look into emigrating to India, and discovered that basically, we can't. Seducing the Viceroy might change that, but at this point, it's just the cake I'm after.

This Queen's Speech isn't too bad. It basically says "Yeah, we're not bothering with government this year, we're just going to make a copy all the laws we already have".

That's okay. I don't mind not having a government.
Rex Mundi 1 day ago
No government is best kind of government.

Now I'm down on my hands and knees
And it's so fucking hot!
Someone cries, "What are you looking for?"
I scream, "The plot, the plot!"

Oh My Lord is generally a good summary of life. Today more so than others. It is so fucking hot.

Carolus Rex 2 days ago

Steven Moffat is apparently making Dracula now that he's left Doctor Who.

How is that going to work though? Bela Lugosi died years ago.
Don't worry, Moffat will make Dracula more scary by adding a taler actor. Oh, wait - Ed Wood did that already. I've got it - a real Moffat solution - give Dracula a long scarf and a sidekick!

I wonder how I became a cyclist. I am not solar powered. I perform best (relatively speaking) in the rain, or ideally, the snow. How did I end up in a sport that peaks mid-summer?

The Definitely Not Gay General And His Large Phallic Weapon definitely isn't safe for the addon server. It's still coming, but it'll be a manual install. The problem isn't so much the content - you can upload themes relating to sexuality with a suitable warning - rather the issue is I've been very open that I'm promoting homosexuality explicitly to piss off the guy who sent me the homophobic email two years ago.

Or in other words, it's my intention to cause offence that's the issue, not the content itself.
Thomas Willingham 2 days ago
Also, when this is done, I want to create a FO:T campaign where you have to kill Bethesda.

Anyone know a FO:T server that actually has someone logged in occasionally? I'm sick of listening to people talk, it's time to kill them after the apocalypse.

Michael Vogel 1 day ago
What is "FO:T"?

A friend of mine was in the mosque. It doesn't seem to make it any more real.
Thomas Willingham 3 days ago
Saying that, they raided my street, and arrested and charged one of my neighbours after one of them, and that didn't make it any more real either.

What I like about having a telly without HDMI is that a HDMI to VGA adapter is about £2, and you can complain that you haven't got CEC, while secretly being really happy that you don't have to fuck about trying to get that goddamn piece of crap working.

Does anybody use a VPN for anything other than piracy, avoiding censorship, or viewing websites with dubious content? In real life, I mean, not in navel gazing arguments about privacy.

At home, not so much, perhaps to access subscriptions with available at home when abroad?

At work, to be part of the intranet when roaming, reaching everything from internal web, file and phone services.

Families could do that too, but most do not, I think.

Sandro Hawke 3 days ago
@beardyunixer I still do on public wifi as a habit from before sites I used used https.

I've started on The Definitely Not Gay General And His Large Phallic Weapon, but I'm not entirely convinced it's going to be allowed on the addon server. I might sneak it in on 1.12 where nobody is looking since 1.14 is out any minute now...
Thomas Willingham 3 days ago
In scenario 2, you have to get through a valley without being kissed by a man.

I think it's inevitable that the so called Federation will follow the github model. No matter what, folk are going to go out of their way to deliberately centralise a decentralised service.

I don't know what the consequences of that are, but the social network wars are over. We lost. And now the centralisation wars are also over. We lost that too.

Babu Menos 4 days ago
I just commented on what @Hypolite was saying.
@Thomas: What is bad about sharing information on Github?

Thomas Willingham 4 days ago
There isn't necessarily anything wrong with Github, as such - it's that you must be part of Github, or you don't exist. It's not a technical thing - it's perhaps not easy to set up git for the average user, but if you're using git, you're a developer not an average user, so it's ten minutes work. That's what git is for. The problem is already solved.

But, socially, it doesn't work like that.

I should be able to give you a patch right here, in this comment, and you should be able to merge it. How many people can? How many people actually would, verses how many people would ask me to sign up for Github, fork their repository, download the source, apply my patch, upload it all back again, and then pull request via Github? Most people would expect me to do the latter - I know they would because I've tried. I shouldn't have to care where your repo is, and you shouldn't have to care where mine is.

To be fair, most people have been willing to learn when I've submitted a normal patch...but that's the point. They have to learn. Folk start out... show more

Anyway, I've finally come up with the story for my next Wesnoth campaign.

Essentially, a closet homosexual Loyalist general goes to war, and he wakes up at the end, and it turns out Gay Thoughts isn't really a person, it was all a dream.

Will start writing it in the morning.
Thomas Willingham 4 days ago
Incidentally, there are a lot of LGBT characters in Cthonic Nights. I'm not sure why, but everyone is either really old, or queer.

Thomas Willingham 4 days ago
Having skimmed my notes...there isn't a single able bodied straight white male aged 18-45. I must be one of those self-loathing able bodied straight white males aged 18-45.

You can tell the driver was white because the police are calling today's terror attack "a major incident" rather than "terrorist attack", even though it's exactly the same thing that happened a few days ago, other than that one had a non-white driver.

So, I've nearly finished Starcraft now. Should I buy Starcraft 2, or should I wait twenty years for them to make that available for free too?
Athis 4 days ago
@beardyunixer I think it is free now

Athis 4 days ago
@beardyunixer ah wait it was a limited thing. Bleh

Hypolite Petovan 4 days ago
You can definitely wait 20 years.