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I had a seizure this morning.

Tobias 2 months ago
:-/ all the best @tony b !

Ouch! Take care, @tony b . :-/ :head_bandage: <3

James Lamentus 2 months ago
Oi my brod ;-)

tony b 2 months ago

I am in Bergen till tomorrow. Good discussions during the day and great food tonight. :-)



A) above ground
b) breathing;
c) careless/crazy
d) drug free
e) exercising
f) fecking looney
g) all of the above
h) stuck on stupid;
Tobias 3 months ago
<3 good to hear from you


tony b 5 months ago
I don't recall...I thought I was going to say something about our FREEDOM,
but looking at it now, the whole thing seems questionable, if not absurd.

Hypolite Petovan 5 months ago
I agree, "freedom" is an absurd concept, if only because you can't define it precisely.


Fitness 05/03 & 06/03

I have no workout to post for Sunday 05/03, because I was all day at the Masonic Lodge in Brooklyn, CT to celebrate the Gnostic Mass with the Mithras Oasis OTO
( #thelemite ) group, and attending a class on kundalini yoga and #tantric sexy stuff. I walked about a 1.5 miles with the dog, but that's it for that day, beside setting up and tearing down our altars and stuff...

Monday 06/03 I walked 1.6 miles with the dog and ran 3.8 miles after...
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Fitness 040317

I walked 2 miles this morning.
Later I cycled 12.4 miles in 30 minutes,
( top speed 38.6 mph, ave speed 24.5 mph).
I also did 100 push-ups, 100 chin-ups,
100 calf raises, and 80 shoulder raises.
I weighed in at 140 lbs with a BG reading of 81 mg/dL.

Keep in mind this is all on a magnetic trainer indoors, so no grades, no turns, no traffic (nor traffic signals or stop signs), all flat and straight and unimpeded.
The fastest speed I've got, yet was c. 50mph (c. 80 kph), with sustained speeds of 27 mph (c. 43 kph).
fitness fuck_diabetes fuck_cancer cycling
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Good Morning...
Buenos Días...
Bom Dia...
Guten Morgen
Bore da (Welsh)
Maidin mhaith (Irish)
Myttin Da (Cornish)
Dzień dobry
Доброе утро

#Tzag #idiomas #ployglot

tony b 6 months ago
That works!

Michael Meer 6 months ago
tony, enjoy the day!


Fitness 022717

I walked 3 miles this morning.
Then I had a 90 minute chemotherapy infusion.
later I ran 3.1 miles in 32 minutes.
Tony's Workout 2017-02-27 16:54:50
Distance: 3.1 mi
Time: 0:32:02
Weight: 135 (-15)
Pace: 10:20 min/mi
Calories: 317
Shoe: 12.55mi/Asics GC3
I weighed in at 135 lbs with a BG reading of 120 mg/dL.
My blood pressure was 121/67, and my pulse was 60bpm.

#fitness #fuck cancer #fuck diabetes
#fitness #fuck fitness
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a) above ground
b) breathing
c) cycling (logging workouts at )
d) fighting a brain tumour.
tony b 6 months ago
At last it has proved useful...It may also get me benefits, not that I want to sit about receiving free money, I'd honestly rather work for a living, but I'll be able to work part-time, and having some guaranteed income will definitely de-stress my life a bit.

tony b 6 months ago
It's been two full years since the initial diagnosis, and despite 3 months of radiation, one brain surgery, and almost a whole year of chemotherapy, I was told last week that the tumor is growing again, so I must continue with more chemo...